Take Fun Tests To Unlock Screen Time

Make kids learn for their screen time

Kids spend time on devices. You try to limit their screen time but sometimes it's unavoidable. However just because they are having screen time doesn't mean they can't learn something, too. There are many educational apps for kids. How can you make sure they actually use them when you aren't looking? With our app the screen locks periodically until your child correctly answers math and other education questions. Once they pass the test, the screen is unlocked until the next test time.

Made by Parents

We know how parents struggle with screentime demands.

You Decide

You choose how often to lock the screen for a test, the subjects and grade level.

Test Topics

Math, reading, spelling, geography, science, flashcards.

Age Appropriate

Increase difficulty and change subjects as kids learn.

Track Progress

Assess how your child is learning and where they need help.

I feel a little less guilty about screen time. At least they are learning something.

Katy, Mom of 3

My son learned all the state capitals.

Robert, Dad of 2

We do the tests together. It's actually fun.

Patricia, Grandmother